My family has been a client of Chef Dianne and Blue Crystal for 18 months now.  As a wife and mom of one who has recently started working out of the home, Dianne has been a life-saver.  Its allows me to do that AND spend more time with the family since I am not consumed with meal planning, grocery shopping, cooking the meals and cleaning up after cooking them.

The convenience alone has been worth the price. And the food is delicious and a good variety. Blue Crystal is light on salt, uses only fresh ingredients,  and love of salmon. The meals are stored, labeled and super easy to heat up.

Dianne is organized and professional. I am completely comfortable leaving her home alone to work her magic in my kitchen. My kids have enjoyed trying the different meals each week and are even more excited that, when they are hungry, they know the meal is already done.

Thank you for the wonderful food.

Gaby G.



I do not think I tell you how much I appreciate you.  I do not know what I would do without you.  Thank you so much for cooking for us each week.  BTW we ate the chicken for dinner.  I really like it.  The sauce is addicting.

Rebecca M.